The history of Flammkuchen and… of flammekueche. 

The brand Flammkuchen Belgique et Luxembourg has been developed by Francis Leroy, an expert in the expansion of franchise concepts throughout Europe such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Chi-Chi’s, etc.s, enz.

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Our history

It's an interesting concept because we have simplified work methods, we work with good-quality produce and have a controlled marketing system. The investment is greatly reduced thanks to the simplification of the flammekueche operations. The concept can be managed as a sales outlet thanks to our take-away service. Our very first restaurant is opening in Saintes - Tubize, in Wallonian Brabant.-Renelde - Tubeke, in Waals-Brabant.

History of the flammekueche.

Flammekueche is a traditional dish from Alsace that is perfect for parties, sharing with friends and large dinner parties. Who can ever resist eating Flammekueche with a group of friends or family, straight from the oven, using your fingers, while it's still hot. Because it has to be said, that's when Flammekueche is at it's best!

Flammekueche is a delicacy that has humble, farming origins. It is made with a thin, rectangular or round pastry base, which is then covered with a mixture of thick-crème fraîche and fromage blanc and topped with lardons or dripping and onions, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Often, the recipe varies from one village to the next, but the changes are minimal and tend to apply exclusively to the shape, the cream mixture, fromage blanc and the seasoning.

Once the Flammekueche has been prepared, it is then stone-baked over a wood fire. Traditionally, Flammekueche were cooked in the bread oven when it was still too hot for cooking the bread, at which point its temperature was ideal for cooking Flammekueche: in just 2 to 3 minutes for best results!

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